Flow Based Steps In Report

Last Updated: 07/28/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

We can use Flow that has Reporting Inline Field Flow Behavior as a column in Report. In this Example we will create a Flow that will display first field from Report’s Data Source and then we will use this Flow in Report.



We begin in Designer Folder by clicking Create Flow to create a New Flow.


Next, we name our Flow and from Behavior dropdown list we select Reporting Inline Field Flow Behavior option. We click Create to proceed to the Flow Designer.


In our Flow Designer Wizard we expand Steps In This Flow category, select OutputString step and click Connect to connect our Start step to our End step.


Mention that in this Flow Behavior our Output step has an OutputString that is going to be displayed in the field where we apply this flow. We choose Select Value as Mapping type for this output. And from Report Row we select TextValue for Field01 as the Value for our OutputString. This finishes our Flow… We can save and close it.

 mappingFor Output

Back in the Designer Folder we create new Report, name it and click Create to proceed to the Report Designer.


In the Report Designer we expand Data Source > Common category from the ToolBox and when we hover our mouth over Account Data Source we can see add link that shows up to the right for quick adding elements in the Report Designer. We click this add link to add Account Data Source to our Report.


Next, we expand Calculated Column category and hover our mouse over FlowInlineField element. Quick add link appears again allowing us to add this column to the Report. We click add link to place this column to our Report.


In the resulting pop-up window we click Flow picker and select our Flow that we have created previously in this tutorial.



When we save and close this pop-up window we can see that our Column that was based on the Flow Step was added to our Report. And as we expected it displays the first Field from our Account Data Source.






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