Exporting a Report to Excel (XLS)

Last Updated: 08/12/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

A report can be exported to PDF, HTML, or Excel format.  To export a report to Excel, while viewing the report, click the Print Report button, select the XLS option and click Print.  The report is exported using the current view and can then be downloaded and opened in .xls format.


The goal of this example is to:

  1. Create a report.
  2. Run the report.
  3. Export it in .xls format.
  4. View the exported report in Excel.

To begin, navigate to a Designer Folder, click the Create Report button and select Create Report.


Give the report a name and click Ok to open it in the Report Designer.


To begin building the report, add a data source.

In the Toolbox Panel, in the category Data Sources > Common, drag a Folder Data Source component to the Sources list.


Next, add some columns to the report.

Expand the Columns category in the Toolbox Panel and drag an Entity Name, Folder Type Name, and Nesting Level component to the workspace.


This completes the report.  Save it and close the Report Designer.

To export the report data to Excel, first run the report by clicking the report’s thumbnail and selecting Run Report from the Action menu.


Select the Print Report button to export the report.


In the Export Page pop-up window, select the Excel option and Print.


Select the Open Exported Page link.


The exported report downloads in Excel.

The Excel file containing the report appears in a new browser window.

exporting a report to excel 9 


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