Evaluate Expression

Last Updated: 07/19/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Expression Steps are specially designed to evaluate calculations in one step within a Flow. These Steps can be found under Data > Numbers Category in the ToolBox in the Flow Designer.



In this Example we will simply evaluate an expression that is a Sum of two constant Numbers: 7 and 3.


We begin with navigating to a Designer Folder and Creating a New Flow.


Next we name our Flow and click Create to continue.


Flow Designer opens…

In The Flow Designer’s start-up window we navigate to the All Steps [Catalog] > Data > Numbers. Find Evaluate Expression Step select it and click Add to add it to the workspace.



With Evaluate Expression Step selected we locate Evaluation Setup and type our Expression to Evaluate into Expression box. In this Example we type 7+3.


Next We connect our steps as follow…


This completes our Flow.

To test it we click Debug Flow Link on the top tools panel.


Note that in Decisions version 3.5 and above, you’ll need to click on Test Flow to access the Debugger.

3.5 Test Flow Shot

Our Flow runs without errors.


If we look at the Data that outcomes from our Evaluate Expression Step we can see the Result KEY with its value 10. This is correct result of adding 7 and 3.


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