Establishing Constant Data (Global Variables)

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Portal provides the ability to store constant values for reuse in flows. This is a way of creating “global data.” It is useful because when a change is needed, the data itself is updated in one place rather than within each flow that uses the data. For example, use constant data for a corporate address, a customer service phone number, or a standard “From” email address to use in Send Email steps. Arrays are not supported in constant data.



This example creates a system constant for a “From” email address. Navigate to System > Designers > System Constants.
Click on Add Flow Constant. Configure the “From” email address constant as follows:
  • Flow Constant Name – The name for the constant that will appear in the Flow Designer, available for selection.
  • Flow Constant Description – A description for using the constant value.
  • Flow Constant Type – The data type of the constant value.
    • String – a string value
    • Rich String – a string but with formatting available
    • Int – an integer value
    • Decimal – a decimal value
    • Boolean – a boolean (true/false) value
Click OK to save.
Now, in the Flow Designer, notice the System Constants category available for specifying input data.

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