Enabling Guest Permission to Folder

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Guest account is an optional user account that can be used to get non-portal users, such as an outside vendor for example, to engage in a flow. The guest account user is enabled under System > Settings > Portal Settings, by checking the Enable Guest Account checkbox found under Portal Settings. When the Guest account is active, you will see a GUEST user in the user’s list and forms will have the “Assign to Guest” option available for doing assignment.


If it is necessary to allow the Guest account to use a folder in the portal, the Guest account can be granted permission. It is recommended to do this through group membership.
Under System > Security > Groups, create a new group named Guest Group.
Then, we navigate to System > Security > Accounts, locate GUEST Account, right-click it and select Add/Remove Groups.
Add the Guest Group.
Now you need to give the guest permission to access the desired folder.
Navigate to the folder needing the Guest group access. With the folder selected, click on the Manage menu and select Manage Permissions.
We use Add New link for the Groups section to add new Group.
 In the resulting pop-up window we use Group picker to add Guest Group, and enable desirable permissions. When finished, we click Ok to save and close this window.
To test, log out of the portal and from the login screen, click on Login as Guest.
Notice the folder having Guest Group permission appears.

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Enabling Guest Permission to Folder?


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