Emailing A Report

Last Updated: 08/12/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Once a report has been created, it can be emailed in .pdf or .xls format.

To email a report, while viewing the report, click on the Print Report button in the upper right, select the format, and click Email.


The goal of this example is to:

  1. Create a report.
  2. Email the report in the .xls format.

To begin, navigate to a Designer folder, select the Create Report button, and select Create Report.


Give the report a name and click Ok to open it in the Report Designer.


First, add a data source to the report.

In the Toolbox Panel, expand the category Data Sources > Common and drag an Entity Data Source component to the Sources list.


Next, add columns to the report.

Expand the Entity Data Source category and drag an Entity Name component to the workspace.

Then drag an Entity Type Short Name component and a Table Name component to the workspace.


This completes the report.  Save and close the Report Designer.

To view the report and email it, select the report’s thumbnail and select Run Report from its Action menu.


In the upper right, a series of buttons display, click the Print Report button.


The report can also be emailed in PDF format.  The report cannot be mailed in HTML format.

Select the XLS option and click the Email button.


In the resulting pup-up window, enter the email address I the To: field, and a subject in the Subject: field.  Click the Send button.


The user receives the email with the report attached in the chosen format.

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