Drilling Down into Report Matrix Data

Last Updated: 08/12/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Report matrices display totals of how many records match each value reported in a column.  Each cell in the matrix doubles as a link to a drill down report.  This drill down report breaks down the total and displays the column values for each matching entity.

To view a drill down report, run the report, then click on any cell in the report matrix.


The goal of this example is to:

  1. Create a report and add a matrix to it.
  2. Run the report to view the matrix.
  3. Click a cell in the matrix to view the drill down report.

Begin in the portal by navigating to a Designer Folder.  Click the Create Report button and select Create Report.



In the resulting New Report pop-up window, give the new report a name and click Ok.



Define a data source for the report by dragging Folder Data Source to the Sources list from the Data Sources > Common category in the Toolbox Panel.



 Now, expand the Folder Data Source and drag the columns Entity Name, Folder Type Name, and Nesting Level to the workspace. 


To add a Matrix option to the menu bar, click on Add in the Views section, then select Matrix


This will add a Matrix option to the view menu bar.  This Matrix view will automatically open.



To build the report matrix, select the Matrix option.  Select the Add Dimension link corresponding to the y-axis and select Add Field Dimension.


In the Edit pop-up, select Folder Type Name in the Field drop down list and click Ok.


Next, select the Add Dimension link corresponding to the x-axis (horizontal) and select Add Field Dimension.


In the Edit pop-up, select Nesting Level in the Field drop down list and click Ok.


This completes the report.  Save the report and close the Report Designer.



Back in the portal, select the Report that was just created.  In its Action menu, select Run Report.


The report will open in a new window.

Click on the Matrix view to see the report matrix. 



To drill down into the report data, click on one of the matrix cells.

In the resulting pup-up window, notice a report of the entities comprising the total of that cell.


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