Data Forms

Last Updated: 07/15/2016 Introduced in Verision: 3.5

This tutorial demonstrates how to create and use Data Forms in Decisions. Data Forms was implemented in Decisions version 3.5. With Data Forms it is possible to design a Form in Decisions with data components like Textbox, and then we can create an instance of such Form, fill it in and save it. It will keep the data on the Form. Moreover, we are able to create as many instances of this Data Form as we wish.


In this example we are going to create a Data Form and overview its functionality.

We begin in the Designer Folder by selecting Create Form > Create Data Form Project [Autosaved] from the Folder Actions Panel.


Next, we Name our Data Form and click Ok to save it.


System creates Data Form Project Folder in our Designer Folder. We can click it and observe the Options that are available for us. First, we click Edit Data Structure. With this option we can define the Data Structure for our Data Form to be stored in database.


In the Edit Entity window we click Add Data Members.


Next, in the Add Data Members window, we Name Data Member, define its type and click Ok to save.


Then, in the similar manner we Add second Data Member.


In the resulting window we Name it, define its Type and click Ok to save.


When all Data Members are defined, we can click Ok to save our Data Structure for the Data Form.


Next, we select our Data Form in the Designer Folder and click Edit Form option.


Form Designer opens with the Form that has two buttons: Save and Cancel.


Then, we design our Form as desired. In this example we added some Label components and couple Textbox components that will keep User input in the Data Structure. When finished designing the Form we can save the Form and close Form Designer.


Back in the Designer Folder we select our Data Form Project and click Open Data Form Project option to observe the structure of the Project.


Inside of the Data Form Project we can find four Elements: Form, Main Flow, Data Structure and Configuration Extension Folder for the Data Structure.

Form represents our Data Form visual interface where the user should be able to input date that he or she wants to save.

Main Flow is the Flow that performs all work. It has our designed Form and a step to save Data in the database using Data Structure that we created for the Data Form.

Data Structure represents our Form Data structured as one Object.

Configuration Extension Folder allows us to create additional Configurations for the Data Structure.


After overviewing Data Form Project we return back to our Designer Folder. From the Designer Folder Actions we select Add > Data Forms > [Our Data Form Name] to create an instance of our Data Form.


Our Data Form opens. We fill in all Data Fields and click Save.


Then, System creates an instance of Data Form that we just Saved. We click it and select Edit option.


Our Form opens again and all Data fields are populated with the inputs that we Saved.


We change the Data inputs and click Save.


Then, we click Edit option for the Data Form again…


Our Data Form opens with the latest saved Data.


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