Custom Reporting Data Source (Simple)

Last Updated: 12/05/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0
Report data sources can be easily created for use in Decisions by tagging public classes with an attribute.
Create a new Class Library project is Visual Studio.
Add a reference to the DecisionsFramework.dll.
Decorate your class with the following attribute:  [AutoRegisterMethodsOnClassAsReportSources(true, "Sample Datasources")] 
Create a public method in your class that returns the data you want to have available from reporting data source. It must return an array of data which will be used to populate reports. The name of your method will become the name of your data source. The inputs of your method (if any) will become inputs of the data source in the report writer.
See sample code in attached file below.
After you have written your methods, build your project and follow the steps here: Deploying server side extensions
After deploying your code, log into Decisions and create a new report. You will now see your data source listed along with the other data sources.
If your method has input data, you will be able to set the value of that data by clicking on your data source and entering data in the properties on the right.

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