Custom Reporting Data Filters

Last Updated: 12/09/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0
Custom reporting data filters involve deciding which rows to include…
example:  Common types filter.
Custom reporting filters are used in conjunction with custom data sources. Usually a custom report filter will only apply to a specific custom data source. This filter can be used to filter the data that is returned by the data source. Below is a sample of a filter that is used to filter the “thing” column of the sample data source we created here: Custom Reporting Data Sources.
To begin, create a class that inherits from and implements  AbstractCustomFilter. You will also need to decorate your class with the  AutoRegisterReportElement attribute to get it to show up in the Decisions Report Designer.
Below are sample code snippets showing how to implement the two methods from  AbstractCustomFilter.
The  Applies method returns a bool that specifies whether or not this report filter should show up as a selectable filter in the report designer. If your filter only applies to a specific data source, this is where you will specify that restriction. 


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