Custom Actions at a State

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

A task state can be associated with custom actions, such as opening a URL or running a flow. When a user changes a task’s state to one that is associated with an open URL action, that button will display in the task’s Details panel. When the user clicks the button, the URL will be opened in a new window.

Add a custom URL action to a task definition state by navigating to the folder System > Applications > Task Definitions and selecting the task definition in the folder data panel. Click the Add URL Action option in the upper right.


In the example, we will:

  1. Add an open URL action to the state of Accept for a task definition.
  2. Create a task based on the task definition.
  3. Change the task’s state to Accept.
  4. Access the associated URL.

We will begin by navigating to the folder System > Task Definitions and selecting a task definition. In the menu in the upper right, we will select Add URL Action.



In the Add URL Action pop-up, we will enter a name which will appear on the button associated with this action.

In the Dynamic URL Action Information section, in the URL field, we will enter the address of the Web site that should be opened.



In the State Selection section, we will select the checkbox next to each state that should be associated with the custom URL action, and then we will click Save.



To validate that the URL action is associated with the state, we will change the state of a task created with the task definition.

We will navigate to a root folder and create a task by clicking the Add button and selecting SDChange(Quick).



In the Create SDChange Task pop-up, we will enter a Title and click OK.



We will click the new task name.



In the task’s Details panel, we will click the state button associated with the URL link.



In the resulting Change State to Accepted pop-up, we will enter a comment in the State Change Comment field and click OK.



A new button for the open URL action will appear in the task’s Details panel. We will click the button.



The URL associated with the open URL action will appear in a new browser window.





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