Creating Your First Form

Last Updated: 12/07/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Forms are web pages designed to collect and submit information for use elsewhere in a web application. In Decisions OS, forms can be designed from scratch, assembled with a step-by-step Wizard, or created by modifying an existing form template.

Form fields, content and other elements can be added, deleted and managed by editing the form inside the Form Designer. To create a form in the portal, select the button Create Form. To edit an existing form, in the Folders tree, navigate to the project folder in which the form resides, locate the form thumbnail, and click the Edit link.


In this example, we’ll create a form, then add a label, text box and button to the form. To begin, select a designer projects folder from the Folders tree on the left. Click the Create Form button. In the New Form popup, give the form a name and click OK



The Form Designer provides us with tools and components to edit the fields, controls and design of our form. The Toolbox Tab on the right organizes components under categories and subcategories. Components can be dragged to the workspace and assembled into a working form. From the Toolbox Tab, under the Data section, drag the Label component to the workspace. 



The options for a particular component display in the Properties tab. The Properties panel on the right organizes the settings of a selected component under sections and subsections. To change the label name, locate the Data section and enter a name for the label in the Text field.



In the Toolbox Tab, expand the Data section and drag the Text Box component to the workspace. Note the red exclamation point indicating that several properties will need to be set before the form can properly function. To set properties for the text box, in the Properties tab, locate the Data section. Fill in the Data Name field and check the Output Only check box.



In the Toolbox Tab, expand the Actions category and drag a Button component to the workspace. You may rename the button using the Properties pane.  The Outcome Scenarios of the text box component now can be set to correspond to the button component.  Should your form require multiple buttons, you can use the text box component’s properties to set which button will be used.



Save the form and close the Form Designer.

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