Creating Task Definition

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

A task definition helps users build tasks quickly by storing common settings such as task prefix and task states. When a user creates a task based on a task definition the settings in the definition are applied to the task.

Tasks can be created by clicking the Add button in a root folder. Task definitions can be created by clicking the Add Task Definition button in the System > > Applications >Task Definitions folder. A definition can be configured to allow a user to select from full add, multiple add, and quick add options when creating tasks.


In the example, we will:

  1. Add a task definition.
  2. Define its states.
  3. Create a task based on the task definition.
  4. View the task details.

We will begin by navigating to the folder System > Applications > Task Definitions, and clicking the Add Task Definition button.



In the Add Task Definition pop-up, we will enter a name, description and task prefix. The system will add this prefix to any task name created using this task definition.



In the Create Actions section, we will select the methods by which a user can create a task based on this task definition. To allow a user to add multiple tasks at the same time, under Action: Multiple Add, Action: Property Grid Add, and Action: Quick Add, we will select the Include checkboxes. The Name fields will be automatically populated.



In the Task State Information section, we will fill in the States list with this task definition’s possible states. This completes our task definition, so we will click the Save button to close the Add Task Definition pop-up.



Our new definition will appear in the list at System > Task Definitions.



When we click on the new definition, we will see a display of its details.



Once our task definition is saved, restart Service Host Manager to get it to be usable in the portal.

Then, we will navigate to a root folder to create a task based on this definition. We will click the Add button and select Tasks(Full).



In the resulting Add Tasks(Full) pop-up, we will define the parameters of our new task. In the Name field, we will type “First Task”. In the Description field, we will type “Adding Task”. To save our task, we will click the Save button.




Our new task will appear in our folder, and its name will contain the prefix we configured in the task definition.




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