Creating Pages for Folder Extensions

Last Updated: 07/29/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Folder extension views are portal pages that can present unique views of folder extension data. To create a new folder extension view in the Portal, navigate to a Designer Folder, Folder Behavior Actions > [Your Folder Extension], and select the Create Page/Dashboard button.


In our example, we will create a new view of our folder called “Alternate View.”  This view will include a report of the entities contained within the folder, and an Image Viewer component that can be used to define a single image within the folder.


The page needs to know the context of the data structure, therefore, we will create a folder of our folder extension type, in which the page will be created. Begin in the portal by navigating to a Designer Projects folder, and click on Create Actions > Add Folder Behavior Action Folder. It is possible to create multiple folder action folders, and in some cases, recommended. Reasons to create more than one actions folder are to (1) better organize by functionality, and (2) apply different security (thus restricting users to see only folder actions relevant to them).
 add folder actions
In the Type Name field, select the Transportation.CarsFolderBehavior option. Click OK.
Notice a folder under our Designer Folders automatically appears. This is where our page will reside. Portal pages and flows that are created in this folder will be used as page templates and actions for instances of the folder extension. Click on this folder.
This can also be created under System > Common Data Elements > Folder Behavior Actions > Transportation.CarFolderBehavior.
Select the Create Page/Dashboard button.

In the resulting New Page pop-up, we will call our page “Alternate View” and click OK to open it in the Page Designer.



From the Toolbox tab, drag four components to the workspace.

  • From the Basic > Current Folder category, drag a Folder Actions Bar component.
  • From the same category, drag a Folder Header Data component.
  • From the Portal category, drag an Image Viewer component.
  • From the Reports > [Existing Reports] > System Defaults > Folder Entities > Report: All Folder Entities category, drag a Data View>Current Folder component. This will complete our new page; save it and close the Page Designer.

fill with content

Back in the portal, navigate to a Car folder and select the Alternate View link under the address bar. Like our default view “Car Details” this page displays a button bar for folder actions and a block containing folder header data. It also includes our report (currently displaying no entities contained within our folder) and a white block that is the Image Viewer.

alternate view


When we click the Image Viewer, a pop-up asks whether we’d like to change the image associated with this folder. Click the Yes button and select an image.



When we refresh the portal, the Image Viewer updates to display the picture we uploaded. Also notice the picture listed as a file in the Report Viewer.



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