Creating Help Text Messages for Form Fields

Last Updated: 12/07/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Help Text messages provide additional instructions for using a form control. They appear when the user’s cursor hovers over the form control.

To create a help text message for a form control, define the help message key in the Form Designer and save your form. It can be found in the Help section of the Properties panel. Then, in the System > Administration > System Data > Help folder, select the help message key and select the Set Help Text action.


Our example help text will display messages for an example form. Our example assumes that the form has already been created and is called Interaction Form.



Begin in the portal by navigating to your Designer Project folder, selecting the Interaction Form thumbnail and clicking the Edit link.



In the Form Designer, we’ll begin by placing a Text Box component in the workspace. It can be found in the Toolbox panel, under the Data category.


Configure this text box in the Properties panel. Under the Data section, fill in Data Name with “Data” and select the Output Only checkbox. Under the Help section, we will fill in Help Message Key with “Enter Your Name”.


Next, place a Button component in the workspace. It can be found in the Toolbox panel, under the Actions category.


In the Properties panel, under Data, we will fill in Outcome Name and Text with “Finish”. Under Help, we will fill in Help Message Key with “Finish”, also.

This completes our form save it and close the Form Designer.



Next, navigate to System > Help and select Enter Your Name, right click and select Set Help Text



In the Help Text pop-up, we will type “Enter Your Name” and click OK.



Back in our Designer Project folder, select the Interaction Form thumbnail, click the Action link, and select Preview Form.



Now when you hover the cursor over the textbox, a tooltip message appears that reads “Enter Your Name”.



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