Creating Custom Assignment Notification Email

Last Updated: 12/07/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Decisions can send basic email alerts to notify a user of an assignment. These alerts can be customized using flows that allow you to build custom and complex alerts. This example will show the basics of building one of these custom alert flows. Since the custom alert is built in a flow, the possibilities for customization are great.

By default, the portal generates an assignment notification email to task recipients. This is how to create an additional email (not a replacement or modification of the default email).

Navigate to System>Notifications>Notification Flows. Click All > Create Notification Flow.
A new, blank flow will open. This flow has a special piece of input data named FlowNotificationMessage. This variable contains the information you will need to build a custom notification that contains specific information about the event that initiated your notification.
In the Flow Designer’s startup window expand All Steps [Catalog] > Communication, select Send Email, and click Add to place it onto your canvas.
Click on the Send Email step and then click Show Mapping Editor. Connect the FromTo and Subject fields and shown below.


Click Show Editor on the Body field. Here you can enter your custom message for alerting a user of an assignment. Below is an example showing the use of the variables [FlowNotificationMessage.NotificationMessage.ResponseUrl] and [FlowNotificationMessage.NotificationMessage.Text].


Click OK and OK to return to the flow editor. Close and save your flow.
Navigate to System>Notifications>Default Notifications, select [Notification]Notify To Assigned and click Edit.
In the dialog that opens you will now see a new option in the Notification Modes section called NOTIFICATION FLOWS. Check the box next to NOTIFICATION FLOWS and click OK.
Now when assignments are made your notification flow will be run. Because the flow we built sends an email for every assignment, it would be a good idea to also uncheck the Email notification mode above or else users will still get the default assignment email and the new custom email you just created in the notification flow.

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