Creating Composite Reports

Last Updated: 08/17/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

A composite report represents the data from one report in multiple formats. A report containing a pie chart, bar chart, and a data view, for example, provides different perspectives on the same data, allowing the user to quickly understand and analyze the information. 

To add charts to a composite report, the report that is the basis for the composite report must contain charts.

A composite report is based on an existing report, and is created using the Page Designer. Drag components from the category Reports > [Existing Reports] > [Current Folder] > [Report Name] to the workspace.


In the example, we will create a composite report, then export it to an HTML file to view it.

The report – Folder Report – was created for this example, and already contains charts.

To begin, select a Designer folder and click the Create Page/Dashboard button

Name the page and click OK to open it in the Page Designer.



The basis for this composite report – Folder Report – already contains charts, so we can also add charts to the composite report.

In the Toolbox panel, expand the category Reports > [Existing Reports] > [Current Folder] > Report: Folder Report > Chart: Count (nesting_level) and drag a Ring component to the workspace.

If Folder Report did not contain charts, the Chart category would not display.

For this example add two more charts to the composite report. Drag a Pie component to the workspace and place it to the right of the Ring component. Drag a Columns component to the workspace and place it below the Pie component. .

From the category Reports > [Existing Reports] > [Current Folder] > Report: Folder Report, we drag a Data View component to the workspace.



When you view the page, the data from the Folder Report will display in the Report Viewer.

This completes the composite report, save the page and close the Page Designer.

To view the page select the page’s thumbnail and select Preview Page from its Action menu or you can select the pages thumbnail and select Print Page from its Action menu.



Select the HTML option and click the Print button.



The composite report displays.



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