Creating and Using Folder Entities

Last Updated: 08/18/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Folder entities are defined data structures (think “object”) which can be added to a folder via the Add > [MyFolderEntity] action. Folder entities can be created within a Designer Folder via the Create Datatypes button.

Generating this type of custom data structure also creates a data type.


In our example, we will complement a pre-designed folder extension called Car with a new folder entity called CarPassenger.



Begin by navigating to a Designer Folder, and selecting the Create Datatypes > Folder Entity action.


In the resulting Add Folder Entity Data Structure pop-up, give our folder entity the name “VehiclePassenger.”
If the Type Name Space value contains invalid characters (such as spaces), correct this in order to make the name valid. The name can be whatever type you wish, as long as it is of a valid format. This value is simply a classification for the data type.
To add data members to our folder entity, click the Add button.

In the resulting Edit object pop-up, define our first data member as a String and call it “FirstName.”



Define two additional data members – LastName and SeatPosition. To complete our configuration of the CarPassenger entity, select all of the checkboxes in the pop-up and click OK.



Our new folder entity has been created and is ready for use. Additionally, the CarPassenger data type is also available for use, (for example, within a flow).

Back in the portal, when we navigate to a Car folder, its Action menu now offers the ability to add a CarPassenger to the folder.



In the resulting Add Car Passenger pop-up, fill in the properties of our new CarPassenger, and then click OK.



When we refresh our view of this folder, notice the CarPassenger entity exists in the Car folder.



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