Creating and Using End Forms

Last Updated: 07/25/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

There are two types of forms in the platform: Interaction Forms and End Forms.

Interaction Forms (usually referred to simply as Forms) are used to collect data or display information, and can be placed at any step in a flow. End Forms serve as the final form in a flow, and have additional components specific to a flow’s conclusion. End Forms do not have access to some of the functionality that Interaction Forms do because they are not expected to output data to subsequent steps in a flow.

End Forms have components that Interaction Forms do not. The user clicks the Close Button component on an End Form to immediately exit the flow. When a user clicks a Start Flow component on an End Form, a new flow is initiated. The Start Flow component is available as a button, link, and image.

To create an End Form, navigate to the project folder where the form should be created and click the All button, then select Create End Form.


In this example, you will create a simple End Form with a logo and a close button, then preview the form.



To begin, navigate to a project folder and click the All button, then select Create End Form.



In the New End Form pop-up, give the form a name and click OK to open it in the End Form Designer.



To format the End Form you can change the background color.

In the Properties panel, in the Display section, click the Background color selector.



In the Color Picker, select a color and click OK.



Next, add a logo to the End Form.

In the Toolbox panel, in the Data category, select an Image component and drag it to the workspace.
Notice that an exclamation mark in a red box displays next to the Image component. The Image component is a placeholder for an image and requires that you set the image that should display within it. Resize the Image component as needed to fit the logo image.

In the Properties panel, in the Data section, click the Static Image checkbox, then click the Image selector.



Select the From File selector.



In the Open pop-up, select the logo’s image file and click Open.


Back on the Pick Image pop-up, click OK, and the logo displays in the workspace inside the Image component.

Next, add a close button to the End Form.

The Close Button component is only available for use with End Forms. When a user clicks this close button the flow exits.

In the Toolbox panel, in the Actions category, select a Close Button component and drag it to the workspace.



The End Form is complete, save it and close the End Form Designer.

To view the new End Form select its thumbnail and, in its Action menu, select Preview End Form.



The End Form opens with the logo and close button as was configured in the Form Designer.




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