Creating a Task from a Flow

Last Updated: 08/18/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

A flow can be designed to run a process, gather data automatically, or open a form. A flow that opens a form and collects user input, such as a task name and description, can then be used to create a task. Thus you can create a task from a flow.

Create a flow that will use user input to create a task in the Flow Designer by dragging a Form component and a Create Task component to the workspace. 


In the example, we will:

  1. Create a flow that uses a Form component and a Create Task component.
  2. Map the form’s input to the task name and description in the Mapping Editor.
  3. Run the flow, enter data into the form, and see the newly created task in the My Home folder.

This example assumes that the form – Form 1 – has already been created, and that the user knows the folder ID of the folder that will contain the tasks.

To begin creating a task from a flow, we select a Designer folder and click the Create Flow button



We give the flow a name and click OK.



In the Flow Designer start-up window, we expand the category Flows, Rules, Forms and Reports > Forms [Interaction] > [Current Folder], select an existing form component Form 1  and click Add to add it to our flow.





Next, we expand the category Integration > Task Management, select a Create Task component . . 


. . . and drag it to the workspace.



We connect the outcome paths of the flow.



Next, to configure the Create Task component, we select it in the workspace, then set the task type that will create a basic task.

In the Properties panel, in the Task section, in the Task Type drop-down list, we select Decisions.TaskTracking.Service.Task.BasicTaskService.BasicTaskData.



To map the data from Form 1 to the basic task data, in the Properties panel, we click the Show Mapping Editor link.



In the Mapping Editor, first we set the task’s destination folder by clicking the Ignore link in the Folder ID box. We select Constant from the list and enter the destination folder ID in the field that appears. In this case, it is the folder ID for the My Home folder.

Under Flow Data are the two data elements from the form component associated with the two form fields. We drag the arrow from the data element associated with the task’s name to the Title box. We drag the arrow from the Task Desc element to the TaskDescription box.



The data elements mapping is complete, so we click OK.

Our flow is also complete, so we save the flow and close the Flow Designer.

In the portal, we select the flow’s thumbnail, and select Run Flow from its Action menu.



Form 1 opens. We enter a name and description in the fields and click Finish.


To see the task created by the flow, we navigate to the My Home folder, and view it in the Tasks list.



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