Creating a Ping Failed Event

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Ping is a network tool that tests whether a host is available and sends a response across an IP network. If the host does not send a response, the ping has failed, and the host may be down. A Ping Failed event will ping the server on a specified interval and return a message if the ping has failed.

To create a Ping Failed event, navigate to the folder System > Jobs and Events > Events and select Add Event.


In the example, we will use the Schedule Event wizard to create a Ping Failed event.

To begin, navigate to the folder System > Jobs and Events > Events and click the Add Event button to open the Schedule Event wizard.



Select the Ping Failed Event option and click Next.



In the Server Name field, enter the name or IP address of the server to monitor. This field is required, click Next.



Enter an entity name and description for the event. These fields are required.

By default the option to requeue the operation if it fails is selected. You could also choose to create a task if the event fails. These two options are related to the Ping Failed event failing, not the host failing to return a response, click Next.



The Simple Calendar step lists commonly used intervals for events. Select the option to ping the server every hour and click Next.

If you wanted the Ping Failed event to run on a custom interval, you could choose the Advanced option, click Next, and select from advanced calendar options.


Advanced Calendar Options:
Each Advanced Calendar Option has more information available that is specific to its selection.  For example:  If you select Weekly Schedule you will receive options for Hour, Minute, Run on day and Compute mode.
Once you have made all of your selections, a message displays, alerting you that the event’s flow was created, click DONE.
If you would like to edit the flow select the new event from the list and click Edit Flow from the entity actions menu. 

The Flow Designer opens. A flow based on the data you entered in the Schedule Event wizard displays.

The flow input data element, ping_server_data, has been added, and is listed in the Properties panel, in the Flow Data section, in the Flow Input Data box.



You could continue building the flow by adding an appropriate component to the flow for example you could add a Send Email Notification component and select  the Show Mapping Editor link in the Properties panel to map the component to the ping_server_data element.





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