Create & Apply Print Page Template

Last Updated: 07/29/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

A print page template is a template intended to frame a report. For example, a print page template could include the current user’s name, date stamp, and company logo, and when a report is printed and the template applied, the output would show the report data framed by the template. It is a way to give a consistent look and feel to report output.

Print page templates are created in the Designer Folder.

To create a print page template, navigate to a Designer Folder and click on Create Report > Create Print Page Template.

Name the template and click Create.


The most important component to the template is the report data itself; the Page Content component is needed to show the data. Therefore, from the Toolbox, expand the Print Template category, and drag and drop the Page Content component into the workspace.


Adjust the size of the body of the report by using the arrows to expand the Page Content component. Add other components as desired, such as the Current Time and Current User components.


Save and close the print page template.

To run a report and apply the template, from a report’s Action menu, select Run Report.

Click on the Print icon.


From the Template drop-down menu, select the template.


Click on Print. Click on the Open Exported Page link to view the results.

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