Create Custom Asset Definition

Last Updated: 08/15/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

An asset is any object that has financial value and should be tracked, such as a computer, software, or office equipment. The Asset definition allows for a wide range of options. Once added, an asset can be used throughout the system when making assignments, adding tasks, creating reports, and other actions.

Add an asset to an assignment by navigating to the CMDB folder and selecting the Add button associated with the asset type.


In the example, we will:

  1. Add a computer asset.
  2. Assign it to account.
  3. View the asset’s details.

To begin, we navigate to the CMDB folder and click the Add Computer button.



In the Add Computer pop-up, in the Name/Description section, we enter a name. In the Computer Information section, in the Type drop-down list, we select the type of computer.



To assign the asset to an account, in the Assignment section, we click the To Account selector.



In the Select Account pop-up, we select the account to which the computer is assigned and click OK.



In the Relationships section, we select options to further define this asset in the Contract drop-down list, the Manufacturer drop-down list, and the Department drop-down list,

We’ve finished adding the asset, so we click Save



To view the asset’s details, we click the asset’s name.



The asset’s details display.





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