Create Chats within Tickets

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

You can create chats within tickets, allowing the transcript of that chat session to be a part of the ticket record in the Chat panel. When a user is invited to a chat session, the invitation will appear in the Tasks panel of their My Home page.

To create a ticket that includes a chat session, create the ticket in the folder Service Desk Tickets > Changes. Open the new ticket and click the Open Chat button.


In the example, we will:

  1. Create a ticket.
  2. Open a chat session in the ticket.
  3. Invite users to the chat session.
  4. Log in as a user invited to the chat session to access the chat.
  5. Log in as an administrator to view the chat.

To begin, we navigate to the folder Service Desk Tickets > Changes. We click the Add button, and select [Task Definition Name] (Quick) from the menu.



We name the ticket and click OK.



We click the new ticket’s name in the folder data panel.



To create a chat session within this ticket, we click the Open Chat button.



To invite a user to the chat session, we select Invite > Users.



In the Select Entity pop-up, we select the user account and click OK.



The Chat panel displays the online status of each user. All messages typed in the chat are logged in this panel, so a user who joins the chat session later can review the chat session details. Additionally, the chat logs are saved for reference and documentation purposes.

We then log in as a user who was invited to the chat session.



The chat session invitation displays in the My Home folder, in the Tasks list. To access the chat session, we select the chat invitation, then select Join Chat.



The Chat panel opens. We type text in the bottom panel, and click the Send button in the lower right.



To see how members of the administrators group access a ticket’s chat session, we then log in as an administrator.



In the My Home folder, in the Tasks list, the ticket displays. We select it and choose Open.



The ticket opens, and we select the Open Chat button.



The Chat panel opens.





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