Converting an Excel File to CSV

Last Updated: 08/11/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Convert Excel to Csv component converts Excel-formatted tabular data to CSV format. To use the Convert Excel to Csv component in the Flow Designer, drag it to the workspace from the Components panel’s Data > List > Excel and CSV category.


In the example, we will create a flow that converts the data in an Excel file to CSV format and use a form to perform the action. The form, Form 1, was created for this example.

Begin in the portal by navigating to a Designer Folder and clicking the Create Flow button. In the resulting New Flow pop-up, give the flow a name and click OK to open it in the Flow Designer.



Select the Convert Excel to Csv component from the Flow Designer’s start-up window, from All Steps [Catalog] > Data > List > Excel and CSV category. Click Add to add it to the workspace.



To configure this component’s inputs, click on the Convert Excel to Csv step and click the Show Mapping Editor link in the Properties panel.



In the Mapping Editor, change the mapping type of input to Constant and click the Value selector.



In the resulting Open pop-up, browse to and select an Excel file from the local machine and click Open.

Next, change the mapping type of Type to Constant and, in the Value dropdown, select Excel_xlsx. This reflects the type of Excel file. Also change the mapping type of skipBlankLines and ignoreFirstLine to Constant, select both Value checkboxes to designate each option as “true,” and close the Mapping Editor by clicking OK.


Next, insert a pre-designed form to download our converted file into the flow. From the Forms [Interaction] > [Current Folder] category of the Toolbox panel, drag Form Download CSV File to the workspace. The form is a very simple form with a File Download button configured as follows:

Connect the outcome paths of our flow, select [Form] Download CSV File and click the show Mapping Editor link in the Properties panel, or from the step’s Action menu.



In the Mapping Editor, map ConvertExcelToCsv1_Output to ConvertedExcelFile and close the Mapping Editor.



This completes our flow; run it in the debugger to test. Under the Form tab, notice the pre-designed form. Click the Download CSV File button.



In the resulting Save As pop-up, give a name to the new CSV file and click Save.



An alert pop-up will let us know that the file has been saved.



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