Configuring Accounts, Groups, and Module Rights

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

An account represents a user of the system and can be either a person or a machine. To access the portal, the user must have a valid, active account. The permissions associated with a user’s account allow access to folders in the portal and determine which actions the account can perform in each folder.

A group is a collection of accounts that share a common set of responsibilities, such as testers, developers, or marketing staff.

Module rights allow a group to access certain core functions such as viewing audit history or performing administrative functions in the portal.


In the example, we will:

  1. Add an account.
  2. Add a group.
  3. Add an account to a group.
  4. Assign module rights to a group.

To add an account, we navigate to the folder System > Security > Accounts

We click the Create Account button.



In the Add Account pop-up, we enter the username and password information, and additional information as needed.



To add the account to a group using the Add Account pop-up, in the Select Group section, we could click Add, select the group, and click OK.



To finish adding the account, we click Save.

To add a group, we navigate to the folder System > Security > Groups and click the Add Group button.



In the Add Group pop-up, we enter a name in the Group Name field and click Save.



Now that we’ve created a group, we will add accounts to it.

We could use the Select Group section of the Add Account pop-up as described above.

We can also select the group name in the folder data panel, and from the entity actions menu in the lower right, select Add/Remove Accounts



On the Add/Remove Accounts pop-up, we click the Add button.



On the Select Account pop-up, we select the account that should be added to the group and click OK.



To remove an account from a group, in the Add/Remove Account pop-up, we select the account name and click Remove.

To give a group access to certain modules, in the Groups folder data panel, we select the group. From the entity actions menu, select Add > Module Right.



Examples of module rights include CanSeeAuditHistory, CMDBModuleRight and TagModuleRight. We choose the group’s rights, then click Save.



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