Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

A task definition can contain multiple classification levels which help define tasks. When a user creates a task based on that task definition, the user will be able to set these classifications in the task’s Details panel.

To add a classification, navigate to the folder System > Applications > Task Definitions and select Classifications.


In the example, we will:

  1. Add a classification and multiple sub-classifications to a task definition.
  2. Add a task based on the task definition.
  3. View the classifications in the task’s Details panel.

To begin, we navigate to the folder System > Applications > Task Definitions then click the Classifications link in the folder data panel.



We click the Add Classification (Single) button.



In the Add a classification pop-up, we enter the name and click OK



The classification displays in the Entity Name list.

We then add multiple classification levels under the new classification.

We select the classification, and click Add Classifications (Multiple) in the lower right.



In the Add Multiple Classification levels pop-up, we enter each classification and press Enter, then click OK.



To validate that the classifications have been added, we add a task and view the task details.

We navigate to a root folder and create a task by clicking the Add button and selecting [Task Definition Name] (Quick).



In the Create [Task Definition Name] Task pop-up, we enter a Title and click OK



The new task displays in the Entity Name list. We click the task name to view the task’s details.



In the Details panel, in the Category section, we click the arrow next to Classification. A list displays with first level classifications. 



To view the multiple classifications beneath a classification, we click the arrow to the right of the name. A list displaying the sub-classifications displays.




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