Changing Portal Settings and Appearance

Last Updated: 08/15/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Edit Portal Settings screen allows you to modify portal settings that change the portal’s appearance and behavior. Options include setting the portal to lock automatically after a set time, changing the logo and name that appears above the address bar, and showing and hiding default portal folders. 

Changes made in the Edit Portal Settings screen are applied immediately and are visible to all users.


In the example, we make changes in the Edit Portal Settings screen, then see how these changes take effect. We will change the auto-lock setting, which specifies whether the portal should lock if it has been idle for a set period of time. Next, we change the portal’s logo and slogan, then hide two default portal folders, Knowledge Base and Service Catalog

We begin by navigating to the folder System > Settings and selecting Portal Settings from the folder data panel.

We select Edit Portal Settings from the entity actions menu in the lower right.


In the Edit Portal Settings pop-up, we change the settings for Auto Lock. We select the Auto Lock Screen checkbox, and set the time for 10 seconds.


Next, we change the logo that appears in the portal above the address bar.
To change the default logo, in the Portal Settings section, click on the Logo browse button to select the image.

In the Open pop-up, select the image file and click Open.

Open File


To update the text that appears in the address bar and above it, enter the desired message in the Slogan Text field. This updated text will appear in the portal in the address bar and above it.
Lastly, hide two portal folders that are shown by default, the Knowledge Base folder and the Service Catalog. In the Portal Settings section, unselect the Show Knowledge Base Node and Show Service Catalog Node checkboxes.

Click OK to save the changes.





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