Changing Job Schedule

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Once a schedule job has been added using the Schedule Job wizard, you can change the run schedule for the job.

The platform offers many scheduling options including advanced options for setting the job to run at almost any interval and frequency.

To change a job’s schedule, navigate to the folder System > Jobs And Events > Scheduled Jobs, select the job, and click Edit Schedule Job.


In the example, we change a job’s schedule from an every day, custom option to run every five minutes.

To begin, we navigate to the folder System > Jobs And Events > Schedule Jobs, select the job, and select Edit Schedule Job from the entity actions menu.



In the Schedule Job wizard, we click Next through the steps . . .



. . . until we reach the Simple Calendar step.

Here, we select the new schedule from the options. We change the current schedule of Every Day . . .



. . . to Every 5 MIn and click Next.



The job schedule is updated, and the job runs every five minutes.



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