Changing Flow Behavior

Last Updated: 12/07/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

A flow’s behavior can be changed using the flow’s Action menu. By default, the appropriate flow behavior is assigned based on the folder type in which the flow is created. For example, a “standard” flow created in a Designer Projects folder is automatically designated as having Default Flow Behavior type. A flow created inside of a folder of type Folder Extension is automatically designated as having Folder Behavior Action type. An important purpose for flow behavior designation is to enforce one input and one outbound path, with only one output data. Additionally, flow behavior should prevent certain steps from being used in a flow that could cause incompatibility with a given behavior (such as a form step in a converter flow, for example). 

A flow’s behavior type needs to be manually changed when the intent of the flow is different from when it was first created. For example, if a flow was originally not a converter flow and now needs to be used as one, as in the following example. The flow Designer should prompt when a conversion of flow behavior is necessary.


This example will convert a flow selected as a converter flow so it can be recognized as a converter flow. 
From the flow’s Action menu, select Manage > Set Flow Behavior.

Select the appropriate behavior type. In this example, Converter Flow is needed. Click Set.

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