Changing Branding

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0
Branding the Installer
To ensure proper branding, the following files must be in the same folder as the installer.exe and .MSIs during installation
  • License.rtf: the file that is called to populate the License screen and is completely customizable to the proper legal verbiage for the customer’s needs.
  • InstallerSetup.xml: used to brand the installer itself and can be updated to the customer’s specific needs. This file can be updated to set the logo as well as certain defaults such as default admin user, install location, DB name, etc. The following is the list of all tags that can be edited for branding purposes.
    • <TxtUserName></TxtUserName>
    • <TxtPassword>admin</TxtPassword>
    • <TxtDestFolder>C:Program FilesMyNewFolder</TxtDestFolder>
    • <TxtBaseUrl>http://localhost/MyCompany</TxtBaseUrl>
    • <TxtDBDatabase>MyDatabaseName</TxtDBDatabase>
    • <TxtAlternateURLSource></TxtAlternateURLSource>
    • <SuccessfullInstallationMessage>My Product Successfully Installed</SuccessfullInstallationMessage>
    • <CompanyName>My Company</CompanyName>
    • <InstallerTitle>My Product Installer</InstallerTitle>
    • <InstallerLogoPath>logo.png</InstallerLogoPath>
    • <InstalllationTypeTitle>The wizard guides you through installing as well as updating and removing the My Product Software</InstalllationTypeTitle>
  • Settings.xml: used to brand the portal and can also be updated to the customer’s specific needs.  If this file is provided in the same folder as the InstallerSetup.xml, it will be used instead of the default settings.xml. The following is the list of tags that can be edited for branding purposes.
    • Portal loading splash screen: <SplashScreenText>[Updated Loading Message]</SplashScreenText>
    • Product title shows in System Information: <ProductTitle>[Name of Product and Version]</ProductTitle>
  • [Logo].png: the logo image used by the installer. The path to this file is configured in the InstallerSetup.xml file.
  • Modules: (typically zipped folders) may include any of the Decisions modules or modules created specifically for the customer to include flows, reports, pages, service catalog and so forth.
Branding the Portal
Designer Settings
To edit Designer Settings, select System > Settings > Designer Setting in the folder tree.  Select the entity item titled Designer Settings and select Edit Designer Settings.

 Under All Designers, edit Product Name to Show in Designers



 Portal Settings
To edit Portal Settings, select System > Settings, then click on Portal Setting in the settings list.  Select Edit Portal Settings.

 Under Portal Settings, update the logo and slogan



 Default WebPage Title and Default Email Address



 Under Login Page Settings update the Get Help URL, Contact Us URL and/or News Feed 




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