Changing an Event’s Schedule

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Once an event has been created, all of its configuration settings can be changed, including the event’s schedule, on which the event runs. Customize an event to run on a specific day, hour and minute using the Advanced Calendar options in the Schedule Event wizard.

To change an event’s schedule, select System > Jobs and Events > Events, select the event, and select Edit Event from the menu options.


In the example, we will change the interval when an Email event runs from every hour to the first day of the month at a specified hour and minute.

To begin, navigate to the folder System > Jobs and Events > Events and select the event to edit. Then select Edit Event in the entity actions menu.

In the Schedule Event wizard, select the Next button to skip the Email Server Information step.
Click Next to skip the Event Info step.
In the Simple Calendar step, change the setting from Every Hour to Advanced, and select the Next button.



In the Advanced Calendar step, select First Day of Month Schedule and click Next.



Since we chose to run the event on the first of every month, now configure the hour and minute when the event runs in the FirstDayOfMonthSchedule Information step.

You could also choose to run the event only on business days.


Select the Finish button to save the changes to this event.


The event will now run on the updated schedule.



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