Change Own Password

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

There are a few ways a user can change his/her own password, depending upon permissions:

1) Users with permission to access the System > Security > Accounts folder can change their own passwords.

2) You can also change a user’s password by using the Forgot password? link on the Login screen.

3) From the My Home folder, click on the Actions menu and select Change Password.

Note that the changing password capability is not available for any user synched from Active Directory, however. Active Directory is the system of record for these users.

If the Forgot Password functionality is not enabled on your system, or a user does not have access to the Accounts folder, an administrator can change a user’s password using the Reset Password pop-up.


In the example, log in as an administrator and change a user’s password. Then attempt to log in as that user with the old password, then the new password, and view the results.

To begin, log in as an administrator.

Navigate to System > Security > Accounts, select the account, and select Reset Password from the menu, or from the entity actions menu in the lower right. 

In the Reset Password pop-up, we enter the password in the Reset Password and Confirm Password fields, then click OK.

 Log out of the Portal. 



Attempt to log in as the user whose password was reset using the old password. Upon clicking Login, an error displays.



Enter the updated password, click Login, and the portal opens.


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