Converter Flow

Using Converters When Fetching Data From Database

Database entities represent external databases which can be integrated with a flow. To add a database within the portal, navigate to the folder System > Designers > Integrations > Databases,...

Using Converter Flows

Converter flows are flows designed to transform one type of data into another, and which are implemented as a mapping type. To use a converter flow in the Mapping Editor, select the input or output

Building a Converter Flow

Converter flows are specially designated to create data or transform objects from one datatype to another. Because of their unique nature, converter flows are implemented as a mapping type, rather than as a sub-flow.

Changing Flow Behavior

A flow's behavior can be changed using the flow's Action menu. By default, the appropriate flow behavior is assigned based on the folder type in which the flow is created. For example, a "standard" flow...