Service/Desk Asset

Creating Task Definition

A task definition helps users build tasks quickly by storing common settings such as task prefix and task states. When a user creates a task based on a task definition the settings in the definition are applied to the task.

Adding Task States

Task definitions contain settings for task states. Task states indicate where the task is in the work flow. Typical task states include Open, Verified, Approved, or Closed.

Custom Actions at a State

A task state can be associated with custom actions, such as opening a URL or running a flow. When a user changes a task's state to one that is associated with an open URL action, that button will display in the task's Details panel. When the user clicks the button, the URL will be opened in a new window.


A task definition can contain multiple classification levels which help define tasks. When a user creates a task based on that task definition, the user will be able to set these classifications in the task's Details panel.

Create Custom Asset Definition

An asset is any object that has financial value and should be tracked, such as a computer, software, or office equipment. Asset definition can be done with a wide range of options. Once added, an asset can be used throughout the system when making assignments, adding tasks, creating reports, and other actions.

Task Contacts for Ticket

Contact information can be assigned to a service desk ticket task. A ticket's contact receives notifications related to the ticket.

Assign Account to Task State

Each of a task's states can have one or multiple accounts or groups assigned to it. When an account is assigned to a state, any notifications related to that state are sent to the account. If a group...

Add Assets for a Ticket

Service Desk is similar to a help desk, but service desk solves more problems using fewer steps, enables integrations of business processes into the service management infrastructure, and offers more services. This includes ensuring all affected assets of a ticket are associated with a service desk appropriately.

Create Chats within Tickets

You can create chats within tickets, allowing the transcript of that chat session to be a part of the ticket record in the Chat panel. When a user is invited to a chat session, the invitation will appear...

Creating a Task from a Flow

A flow can be designed to run a process, gather data automatically, or open a form. A flow that opens a form and collects user input, such as a task name and description, can then be used to create a task. Thus you can create a task from a flow.