Calling Decisions Services from .NET

Last Updated: 03/22/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Decisions Services have Integration Details Page that contain an assisting information about how to implement a desirable operation.

To view this page we navigate to System > Administration > Modules > All Services folder in the Portal.

Note: in Decisions 3.5 or newer this page is located in System > Administration > Features > All Services folder.


Next, we click the desirable Service, and from the resulting pop-up menu we select Integration Details option.


Service Operations page opens. Then, we select an Operation we want to implement.


Finally, Integration Details Page for the chosen Operation opens.


Decisions has a .NET API that can be used instead of creating web references to our common services like:

  • Folder Service
  • Account Service
  • Comment Service
  • Assignment Service

If you only need one or two services, web references might be fine, but each web reference will have types like PasswordCredentialsUserContext which won’t be shared.  

Instead use the .NET API.

To do this, add .NET assembly references to your project from the installed Decisions SDK.  (If you did not install the SDK you’ll want to re-run the Decisions installer and add the SDK).


  1. DecisionsFramework.NET
  2. CoreServicesClients.NET

These two assemblies will give you all of the core Decisions services in an easy to use precompiled interface.  

Once you add these, you need to be sure that you tell our API helper where to find your Decisions portal so it can configure all service endpoints.  You do this by initializing the ServiceFetcher and letting your application store a list of dynamically created types he code below:

 From there it’s easy to run services:



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