Building an Array or List of Items

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Array Builder is a simple way to aggregate multiple variables into single input. It can be found in the Mapping Editor, under the input type Build Array.


Our example flow will display a form that contains a large text area field. Inside this field will be a list of three user names. The first two names will be constant names that we will manually insert into our list. The third will be provided as a string from a Create or Copy Data step. All three will be collected in an array (or list) that will be used to populate our form’s lone field.
The Create or Copy Data step (renamed Create User) is configured as follows:

Our form consists of a single Simple List field called User List. This component is found under the List category in the form Toolbox.



To create the list of items that will fill this form field, open the Mapping Editor for [Form] Display List Form, and change the User List input type from Unknown to Build Array.



Once Build Array is selected, the Mapping Editor automatically creates our first list item (also called an array element), but its initial type is unknown. We want to create our items here in the Mapping Editor, so change the input type to Constant and enter a name.



Our requirements state that there will be two constant names, so we must add an item to our list for the second. Click Build Array again to show the type context menu for UserList, and click Add Item.



This creates a second item in our list which we will change to Constant and give a name.

Lastly, add a third name to the list one that’s supplied by the Create or Copy Data step. Click again on Build Array and select Add Item.
On the left side of our input mapping pane is a variable User Name, contained in Flow Data. If we hover over the input User Name, we can see an anchor for mapping.
Drag and drop this anchor onto our third element to map one to the other. When we do this, our third element’s type automatically updates to Select Value, because our third element is the value selected from the list of available inputs.

This completes our array. If required, we could continue to add items to our list, or delete them.



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