Using Assignment Roles

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0
Assignment roles are like contextually modifiable user groups. They behave similarly to groups with two major differences: (1) they can contain groups as well as users, and (2) they can be customized from their defaults based on folder context.
Creating a new assignment role:
In your portal, Navigate to System > Common Data Elements > Assignment Roles and click Create Assignment Role


Enter a name for your assignment role and select any combination of accounts and/or groups for your assignment role. For this example we will select two users ( and GUEST) and one group (administrators).


Create a root folder named Assignments by selecting the Actions > Add > Root Folder from the main view.
On the Add Root Folder pop up give the folder a name and select OK.
In this folder, click Actions > Add > To Do.


Enter a Name and Description for your To Do Assignment. In the Type of Assignee drop down list select Role and select the assignment role you configured above for Assign To Role. Click OK.


Because we have not set a contextual configuration in this folder for this assignment role, the To Do Assignment will be assigned to the two users and one group that we selected above when creating the assignment role. However, because assignment roles can be configured contextually, we can edit the assignment role just for this specific folder. To do so, click on Actions > Manage > Manage Assignment Roles,


On the Manage Assignment Roles form Click Add.


Select the assignment role we configured above. You’ll notice that the accounts and groups we selected above are automatically populated in the Accounts and Groups fields. Adding or removing from these fields will modify the accounts and groups that receive assignemtns in this folder. For this example we will remove both users but leave the group Administrators. Click OK and OK.


Now any assignments in this folder that are assigned to our Assignment Role will be modified accordingly. Note: this modification only affects assignemts in this specific folder.

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