Assigning To Do Tasks to a Group

Last Updated: 12/07/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

To Dos are actionable notes that can be assigned to users, group, roles or folders. These notes can be assigned automatically by flows or on-command by users. Users who receive To Dos will find them listed in the Tasks panel of their My Home page in the portal.


Our example To Do will be assigned to a group.

In the My Home page of our portal, click the To Do button and select To Do in the resulting menu.

to do


In the Add To Do pop-up, enter the details of our To Do. In the Name field, type “Adding TO DO for Group.” In the Description field, type “TO DO for group.”

Because we want to assign this To Do to an entire group, select Group in the Type of Assignee drop-down list and click the Assign To Group selector.

group to do form


In the Select Group pop-up, select Testers and click OK.

testers group


This completes our To Do. Click Save.

To verify that the To Do has been assigned, log out and log back in as a member of the Testers group.

When we navigate to the My Home page, find the To Do, Adding TO DO for Group assigned to us in our Tasks panel.
group assignment done


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