Add Assets for a Ticket

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Service Desk is similar to a help desk, but service desk solves more problems using fewer steps, enables integrations of business processes into the service management infrastructure, and offers more services. This includes ensuring all affected assets of a ticket are associated with a service desk appropriately.

When submitting a ticket, a user should provide accurate and comprehensive data to speed issue tracking and resolution.

A user can add a contact to a ticket, then link an asset to the contact.

To add an asset to a ticket’s contact, add the ticket, add the contact to the ticket, then link the asset to the contact using the Add TaskContact pop-up.


In the example, we will:

  1. Add an asset to the CMDB.
  2. Add a ticket using the Quick option.
  3. Add a contact to the ticket.
  4. Add the asset to the ticket’s contact.

To begin, we navigate to the folder CMDB and click the Add Computer button.



In the Add Computer pop-up, in the Name field, we enter the computer name. From the Type drop-down list, we select the computer type.



Next, we assign the asset to an account.

In the Assignment section, we select the To Account selector.



In the Select Account pop-up, we select the account and click OK.



To save the asset, back in the Add Computer pop-up, we click Save.

Next, we add a ticket.

We navigate to a root folder, select the Add button, and select [Task Definition Name] Quick.



In the Create Task pop-up, we name the ticket and click OK.



To add a contact and asset to the ticket, we select it in the folder data panel.



In the ticket’s Details panel, we select Add Contact.



In the Add TaskContact pop-up, we select the Select User Account selector.



We select an account and click OK.



Back in the Add TaskContact pop-up, in the Link to Asset section, a list of assets that have been assigned to the account displays. The asset we created earlier and assigned to this account appears in the list.

We select the checkbox next to the asset in the Link Asset list, then click Save.



The contact and the asset display on the ticket’s Details panel.




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