Allowing Users to Self-Register

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

You can configure the portal to allow users to create an account, self-register, and log in to the system. The portal can also be configured to require that a self-registering user confirm their email address before granting the new account access to the system.

A self-registered user has limited access to portal functionality.

To allow users to self-register, navigate to the System > Settings folder, click Portal Settings, and select Edit Portal Settings from the entity actions menu in the bottom right.


In the example, we will configure the portal to allow self registration.

We begin by navigating to the folder System > Settings, selecting Portal Settings, then clicking Edit Portal Settings in the bottom right.



In the Edit Portal Settings pop-up, we scroll down to the Registration Settings section and click the Allow Self Registered Users checkbox. To require users to confirm the email address associated with the new account, select the Registered Users Must Confirm checkbox, otherwise leave it cleared.



We scroll to the bottom of the Edit Portal Settings pop-up and click Save.

New users can now self-register to create their own accounts. See the topic Self-Registration of Users to see how a user self-registers.




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