Advanced Approval Chain

Last Updated: 08/10/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0
This topic covers the advanced options available for configuring an approval chain.
Approval chains are configured under System > Flow Management > Approval Chains.
To configure advanced options, select an approval chain (or, create a new one). Click on the Advanced link for the approval level needing advanced options configured. All of the settings established are only applicable to that particular level in the approval chain.
Set the Approvers properties as desired.
  • How Many ApproversAny or All, changes the selection made in the Approval Chain Levels screen for the respective approval chain level. (See the Introduction to Approval Chain topic for the Any and All operator explanation.)
  • Specify Time to Approve – When enabled, the deadline for approving is set to one day by default. The Action to Take on Timeout options determine the status of the request upon reaching the time allotted to approve.
    • Approved – Designates the request as approved.
    • Rejected – Designates the request as rejected.
    • Escalated – Will cause the approval chain to look to the next level of approvers upon time out.
Use the sliders for the timeframes to establish the time allotted for the approval step.
Set the Run Condition properties as desired.
  •  Rule – Enables the approval chain level to be used conditionally. When the condition is true, the approval level is applied. Otherwise, it is skipped.
Set the Settings properties as desired.
  • Require Comment on Approve – If enabled, when the main approval flow form is opened by the user to process the approval, a comment is required if the Approve button is selected.
  • Require Comment on Reject – If enabled, when the main approval flow form is opened by the user to process the approval, a comment is required if the Reject button is selected.
  • Can Delegate – If enabled, the assignee can delegate another user to process the approval.
  • Is an Escalation Level – Designate this level as an escalation level if the following conditions are true: (1) If the level is only reached after a previous level times out (i.e. not a part of the normal chain of processing), and (2) that previous level is also marked Escalated as the Action to Take on Timeout option.
  • Notify When – Sends a notification message upon when the selected condition is true:
    • OnRejection – When the request is rejected.
    • OnCompletion – When the handling of the request is completed.
    • AfterEachApproval – After each approval step is processed.
    • Never – No notifications sent (default)
Click OK to save the changes. Configure additional approval levels in the approval chain as needed.
To see the approval levels in a flow, see the video for this topic above.
Note: In Decisions 3.2 and Advanced settings for the Approval Chain look as following… They contain only “Specify Time to Approve”.

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