Adding Test Case

Last Updated: 12/07/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0


A Test Case is a collection of steps that evaluates functions, processes, modules and other discrete elements of an application or the system. Test Cases can include requirements for success, preconditions and setup information, test case priorities and version information, the duration of staff time, and test steps.

Before adding a test case, the TaskManager module must be installed and a Test Folder must exist. To add a test case, navigate to the Test Folder and click the Create Test Case button.


We will begin by navigating to the Test Cases Folder and clicking the Create Test Case button.


In the Add TestCase pop-up, we will enter a name for this Test Case, and select High in the Priority drop-down list. In the Test Steps field, we will enter the steps in the test case, one step per line, and then we will click Save.


To view the steps in our Test Case, we will click its entry in the Folder Data panel.


The page will update with details of our Test Case, including the test steps.


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