Adding Task States

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Task definitions contain settings for task states. Task states indicate where the task is in the work flow. Typical task states include Open, Verified, Approved, or Closed.

To add a task state to an existing task definition, navigate to the folder System > Applications > Task Definitions, select the task definition and, in its Action menu, select Add Task State.


We will begin by navigating to the folder System > Task Definitions and selecting the Tasks task definition.



In the details page, we will see a diagram illustrating the progression states for a task created from this task definition.



In this definition’s Action menu, we will select Add Task State.



In the resulting Add Task State pop-up, we will select the Name field and type “Verified”. This is the only field necessary for our new task state, so we will click Save.



Our new task state, Verified, will appear in the details pane.



To include the Verified task state in the progression of states for this task definition, we will first select the Resolved state and, in its Action menu, we will select Delete Transition.



Next, we will click the Arrow icon for the Resolved state and drag it to Verified.



Next, we will click the Arrow icon for the Verified state and drag it to Closed.



We can also add a new state to this task definition’s state flow by clicking the Plus icon.



In the resulting Add New Task State pop-up, we will name our new state “Reassigned” and click Save.



We will complete the flow of our states by clicking the Arrow icon for the Reassigned state and dragging it to Assigned.




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