Adding Run Flow Links or Buttons to a Page

Last Updated: 08/16/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Navigation links allow you to further customize your portal pages, by providing users with quick access to folders, URLs, flows, reports, or the service catalog.

There are two ways to introduce a flow to a page:

  1. Add a Run Flow link to a new page, or edit an existing page to include the link.

  2. Add a Run Flow as Action control to a new page, either in the form of a button, link, or image for a specific flow.  

When a user clicks the link or button for a flow, the flow associated with it runs. Configure the link in the Page Designer, by dragging a Run Flow component to the workspace, then configuring its properties in the Properties panel. Or, drag and drop a ‘Run Flow’ as button, image, or link component into the Page Designer and configure its properties in the Properties panel.



In the example, we create a page, add a Run Flow component to the page and configure its properties, then see the link in action.

To begin, navigate to a Designer folder and click the Create Page/Dashboard button.



On the New Page pop-up, enter the page name and click OK



In the Page Designer, in the Toolbox panel, expand the Navigation category, select a Run Flow component and drag it to the workspace.



Next, configure the Run Flow component.

To select the flow that will open when the user clicks the link, in the Properties panel, in the Flow Settings section, we click the Flow drop-down list to select the flow.



To select the type of link to display, in the Component Settings section, click the Button Type drop-down list.



We’ve finished adding the Run Flow link to the page, save the page and close the Page Designer.
To preview the page with the link, click the page’s thumbnail, and select View > Preview Page from its Action menu.



The page with the link button to run the flow displays. When we click the link the flow runs. 

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