Adding, Moving, and Classifying Entities

Last Updated: 08/15/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Entities are items used throughout the portal, such as folders, flows, documents, or reports. 

Once an entity has been added, it can be moved to a different folder.

Entities can also be classified using tags. Tags are shortened names for entities that a user can enter while searching for an entity. Classifying similar entities using the same tag allows the entities to be retrieved together in search results.


This example covers the following instructions:

  1. Add a document to a root folder.
  2. Move the document to another folder.
  3. Add tags to the document.

First, in the Folders tree, select a folder, click the Add button and select Document.



In the Add Document pop-up, give the document a title then click the File selector to choose a document.



In the Open pop-up,  select a file and click Open and then OK.

The document displays in the folder data panel.

To move the document to a different folder select the document, then select Manage > Move To from the Right Click menu.



In the Select Folder pop-up, select the document’s destination folder and click OK.



Now that we’ve moved the document, it no longer displays in the folder where it was created but does display in the destination folder.



Finally, to make the document easy to find, we will add tags to it.

Select the document name in the folder data panel, and select Manage > Manage Tags from the right click menu.



In the Manage Tags pop-up, enter a tag and select the Done button. If you entered a tag that does not exist in the system, a dialog box displays, asking to confirm the tag’s creation. Select Yes to add the tag. You can also enter additional tags, separated by commas, to associate with the document.



The tag has been added to the system and is associated with the document. You can now search for the document using the tag.



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