Adding and Removing Folder Security

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Folder security sets access to the contents of a folder, including the entities stored in the folder and the actions that can be performed on them. Depending on a report’s filters, folder security may also restrict how data displays on reports.

An administrator sets group and account access permissions for folders. A group or account may have permission to view a folder’s contents or may have full administrative rights.

An administrator can edit or delete access rights for a folder as well.

Set folder security in the Manage Permissions pop-up by selecting the folder, then selecting Manage > Manage Permissions.


In the example, we demonstrate how to change folder permissions by doing the following:

  1. Add view access to a folder.
  2. Add full administrative access to a folder.
  3. Remove access from a folder.

After each permission change, we will log in as the affected user and view the results.

To begin, view the folder we will be setting permission for – Company Designer Projects – as the administrator sees it.



The administrator can access all of the folder’s functionality, including all of the options available on each entity’s Action menu.

We then log out as the administrator and log in as a user.



The user does not have access to the Company Designer Projects folder.



To grant this user access to the folder, log in as an administrator.



Navigate to the Company Designer Projects folder, click the arrow that appears to the right of the folder’s name, and select Manage > Manage Permissions.



in the Manage Folder Permissions pop-up, in the Accounts section, click the Add button.



To select the account to grant permission, click the Account selector.



Select an account from the list and click OK.

Now that we’ve selected the account, it is necessary to set the account’s permissions for the My Projects Folder.

In the Edit Object pop-up, under the Permissions section, select or clear check boxes to indicate the type of access the account should have to the selected folder. Give the user view permissions (“CanView”) and click Save.



Back in the Manage Folder Permissions pop-up, click OK again to save the permission changes for this folder.

To view the folder permission changes, log in as the user whose permissions changed. The Company Designer Projects folder is now visible in the Folders tree, but the user has view access only.

To grant the user full administrative permissions for the folder, log in as the administrator, and navigate to the Company Designer Projects folder. Select Manage > Manage Permissions.

In the Manage Permissions pop-up, select the account and click Edit.

In the Edit Object pop-up, click the CanAdministrate check box, then click OK.



To save this update to the permissions, in the Manage Permissions pop-up, click OK.

Log in as the user to view the change in permissions. The user has full access to all options on every entity’s Action menu.

To remove folder permission for a user, right-click the folder, and select Manage > Permissions

In the Manage Permissions pop-up, select the account and click the Delete button.
Click Save, then log in as the user whose permissions were changed. 

The respective folder no longer displays in the Folders tree.




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