Adding an Account to a Group

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0
Accounts represent authenticated users of your system, which can be actual people or machines. Groups are collections of accounts that share a common set of responsibilities, such as testers, developers, or marketing staff. Adding an account to a group can be done automatically via a sync with Active Directory, or manually using the instructions below.

To add an account to a group, navigate to System > Security > Groups, select the group and, in its Actions menu, select Add/Remove Accounts. To add a group to an account, navigate to System > Security > Accounts, select the account and, in its Actions menu, select Add/Remove Groups.


In this example, we will add a user to an Account Managers group.
Begin in the portal by navigating the System > Security > Groups and select the Account Managers group.

In its Actions menu, we will select Add/Remove Accounts.



In the resulting Add/Remove Accounts pop-up, click the Add button.

Select the desired user to add and click OK. The addition is effective immediately. It is possible to see the addition of the user to the group at the user level by selecting the user account and looking at Add/Remove Groups.

Test the new group membership by logging out and logging back in as the user added to the group.



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