Adding a Scratch Pad to a Page

Last Updated: 08/16/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

A scratch pad is a workspace that can be added to a page. A user can enter text in the scratch pad, and you can customize how often this information is saved in the scratch pad.

To add a scratch pad, in the Toolbox panel, under the Basic category, drag a Scratch Pad component to the workspace, then configure it in the Properties panel. 


In the example, we will:

  1. Create a portal page and add a scratch pad to it.
  2. Configure the scratch pad so that its contents will be saved every 15 seconds.
  3. View the scratch pad by previewing the page.

To begin navigate to a Designer folder and click the Create Page/Dashboard button.



In the New Page Pop Up give the page a name and click OK.



In the Page Designer, from the Toolbox panel, under the Basic category, drag a Scratch Pad component to the workspace.



Next, configure the scratch pad by going In the Properties panel, in the Behavior section, clear the Show Save Button checkbox, and set the Auto Save Duration to 15 seconds.

To set the default text that will appear in the scratch pad, in the Data section, click the Default Text selector.



We enter text to appear in the scratch pad and click OK.



This completes the configuration now save it and close the Page Designer.

To view the scratch pad, select the portal page thumbnail and select View > Preview Page in its Action menu.



A page with the scratch pad displays.



Text entered here will be saved in the scratch pad every 15 seconds.

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