Adding a Folder Actions Bar and a Folder Actions Button to a Page

Last Updated: 08/17/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

An Actions Bar contains buttons that, when clicked, perform an action or open a menu. An Actions Bar can be configured with primary and secondary actions. When a user clicks a Folder Actions button, a pop-up displays that is associated with a specific task performed in the folder. 

To add an Actions Bar to a page, create a page or edit an existing one. In the Page Designer, in the Toolbox panel, drag an Actions Bar component to the workspace, and configure the properties of the Actions Bar and its buttons in the Properties panel.


In this example, we will:

  1. Add a Folder Actions component and an Actions Bar component to a page.
  2. View the new components by previewing the page.
  3. Edit the Actions Bar to have a minimum number of primary and secondary actions. 

First, in Folder View, we navigate to a Designer folder, right click then Manage > Page: Create New Page.



In the Page: Create New Page pop-up, give the page a name and click OK.

In the Page Designer, begin by setting our layout as a Vertical Stack. Components added to this type of layout stack one below the other in the workspace and on the page.

Expand the Explorer panel and select Surface. In the Properties panel, in the Layout section, in the Container Type drop-down list, we select VerticalStack.



In the Toolbox panel, enter “actions” in the search field and press the Enter key.

Drag a Folder Actions component to the workspace and resize it.

Drag an Actions Bar component to the workspace.

Next,  set the properties for the two components.

Select the Folder Actions component. To add button text to this component, in the Properties panel, in the Folder Actions Settings section, enter text in the Search Action Text field.


Then select the Actions Bar component in the workspace. In the Properties panel, set the minimum number of primary and secondary actions.


Save the page and close the Page Designer.

To view the new page, in folder view, click the page name link under the address bar.

The new page opens. It contains the Folder Actions component and the Actions Bar.



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